Latest news – I’m running for U.S. Congressional District 18 – New York, it’s a House of Representative Seat NOT U.S. Senate.

Jan. 13, 2022

Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing our generation.
Today in New York City – sitting in the street right in front of Governor Kathy Hochul’s office demanding that she includes BPRA in her executive budget.


On the campaign trail- talking to voters about my platform

A robust healthcare system (Medicare for all)
Affordable housing
Universal childcare
Limit overdraft fees to $5
Climate change as one of the most crucial issues affecting our generation
A living wage and more


Battery Park Downtown New York City
Democracy is dead, but wait, it’s not dead yet, it’s on life support and it can be saved if Congress can act


In Kingston New York in support of people with disabilities thrown out of a building they have been living in for years- NYS received alot of money to help with rent, why wasn’t this building saved? It was sold under a million dollar