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    About Moses

    let’s be straight: If you’re looking for a candidate who is more interested in special interest, big corporations, Washington swamp or the interests of the wealthy — Moses is not your choice.

    But if you’re looking for a champion who understands the poor and  knows what poverty is, a person who will strongly advocates for legislations to level the playing field increase minimum wage to $18-23 an a hour, a fighter for equal justice – justice has to be applied equally it should not be dispensed like prescription drugs which are handed out to a few — your candidate is Moses Mugulusi

    Moses is like many of us, he is a proud New Yorker and has worked over sixteen years in public service, from auditing Medicaid programs to Financial Institutions regulator.

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    The power is in our hands to shape our future – we have to start now

    Time and time again, New Yorkers show up for each other — even when their elected officials fail to show up for them. We need leadership in Washington that values all of its constituents — from restaurant workers to small business operators. We invest in our communities to enhance our quality of life — not diminish it. And we deserve a Representative who works hard all the time to give a voice to all of his constituents, especially those who’s humanity has been silenced, suppressed and denied.

    Moses Mugulusi’ s policy platform is built on the belief that a good system should work for all the people and that we are stronger and better positioned to grow when every New Yorker is prioritized, eliminating unfairness and barriers to prosperity. The people who help keep New York state as the number one financial hub in the world have been locked out of the benefits and continue to struggle day in and day out.

    New Yorkers you have the power to vote out the leaders who prioritize the rich and powerful and special interest groups that have swamped Washington and elect a leader who has the will to prioritize the poor and the working-class Americans all the time. Moses Mugulusi is that leader.

    As a U.S Representative, I will finally center the needs of those disproportionately underserved, because it is the right thing to do and because it benefits everyone, prosperous communities happy America

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    The pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities that already existed: Housing, economic and health disparities were all present but have only deepened. And as the pandemic continues to ravage through our communities and the people continue to experience the devastating consequences the politicians are busy serving special interest groups, while the poor are getting poorer.

    This country was built on the backs of the working poor. They have been the invisible drivers keeping the country going yet continue to be left behind.


    Every person has the right to be valued and respected, not just through our words but with our actions. That means providing the resources and structures for every New Yorker to have quality housing, a job, education, healthcare and transportation. It means giving communities a real say in determining policies that impact our people. It means lifting up everyone – an equitable system is a prosperous system.


    Wicem Gindrey, journalist for SFNewsfeed to San Francisco, president of a political movement, author and singer, endorses Moses Mugulusi for congress, she supports him about his policy because for her Moses Mugulusi is a perfect democrat. Moses will be powerfull, progressive, people-powered for W.Gindrey